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Staking requires active participation to

earn rewards

Active participation creates new requirements for investors such as operating secure infrastructure 24/7/365, rewards claiming, staking optimization, etc.

We are open for staking

You can stake your assets safely, directly from your wallet, towards our public or private (contact us) PrimalBlock staking pool. 

Once you’ve staked, you will automatically start earning staking rewards as we successfully generate new blocks. 

Total assets managed: +$60 000 000

Number of validators: +150 (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London,  New York and San Francisco)

Non-Custodial and Governance Control

Investors are always in complete control of their funds, and are empowered to make key governance decisions.

We operate a professional infrastructure, fit for institutional staking. We distribute nodes across 5 datacenters with automated failover, and no customer has suffered losses due to slashing or extended downtime.

elrond gold1599140486803.png

Elrond Staking


Step-by-step guide to Elrond staking:

1. Get a wallet

Before staking you will need to transfer your EGLD to a wallet that you own and control:

2. Delegation / staking section

Locate the delegation / staking section within your wallet and head over to it.

3. Choose staking provider

Once you click the stake now / delegate now button you can search for and select PrimalBlock from the providers list.

PrimalBlock's staking pool Smart Contract address is: erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqpqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqx8llllsxavffq.


4. Finalize process

Go through the staking / delegation steps and complete the staking process.


5. Dashboard

Once the staking is complete you can unlock the live dashboard and check your stake and rewards at any time.

Earn EGLD Staking Rewards

APR:  ≈ 19%

Rewards:  Distributed on-chain after every epoch (1 day)

Lock-up:  10 days

Slashing: Currently disabled

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